Important numbers

Arrested? Call the Up Against The Law hotline: (484)-758-0388

To report misconduct by law enforcement, call the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Special Investigations Unit hotline at 215-686-9608.

Recharge and Rest(room)

The following Philadelphia businesses have offered restroom access, water, charging stations, and/or other amenities to protesters. Please contact me to refine, correct, or add to this list. Click here for a Google Map.

Elixr Coffee 207 S Sydenham St.
Elixr Coffee 315 N 12th St.
Elixr Coffee 3675 Market St.
Kimmel Center 300 S Broad St.
Retrograide Studio 444 N 4th St.
Theatre Exile 1340 S 13th St.
Underground Arts 1200 Callowhill St.
Wilma Theater 265 S Broad St.


Fireball Prints
If you’re raising money or awareness for BLM, Philly BailOut, defunding police, f*ck Trump stuff, voting, etc., Fireball is working to provide free, low-cost, and at-cost printing. Plus, free protest signs (while supplies last).

Liberating Philly: Supporting Black Lives and Other Ways to Resist
Resource guide with links to petitions, call in campaigns and scripts, mutual aid organizations, and other useful tools and information.

PHILLY #Justice4GeorgeFloyd Resources : LOCAL
Many people have expressed interest in or have already begun creating memes, instagram graphics, outdoor art (!) and other online material for the campaign to Defund the Police and Fully Fund City Services (and Tax the Rich). Here’s an organizing hub to get started.

Standing in the Way of a Black Stimulus
This report from the Movement Alliance Project and the 215 People’s Alliance profiles the billionaires, CEOs, and corporations that are simultaneously starving Philly’s Black communities of the public investment they deserve and funding the Philadelphia Police Department’s racist and dangerous policing (and tells you what you can do about it).

Support Philly Uprisings 2020
This resource overview was created by members of the Black trans* & queer community on the ground in Philly. Links to donate, find food, get funded, prepare for action, first aid, self & community care, and more.

We Want Freedom: End the War Against Black Philadelphians NOW!
During this time of rebellion against police terrorism and state violence, the Black Philly Radical Collective (a group of 12 organizations including Black Lives Matter Philly and Philly for Real Justice) has listed these immediately actionable demands for the City of Philadelphia.

Where Should Philly March Next?
The Rizzo statue is down, but to undo hundreds of years of structural racism, we need to keep going. This user-compiled map offers some strategic suggestions for addressing those in power.

Who is Profiting from the Philly Police Budget?
Philly Power Research went through the most recently released proposal for the FY21 Philadelphia Police Department budget and compiled a list of all of the contractors included. New contracts continue to be bid out throughout the year, and may offer opportunities for the public to continue to apply pressure on how taxpayer money is spent in relation to policing..

Social Media Tools

WITNESS Resources
WITNESS helps people use video and technology to protect and defend human rights. This site offers guides for recording responsibly, tools and tips to support community-based police accountability, and other vital resources for anyone bringing their phone to a protest.

Got a big story, but a tiny following? Here’s a list of local reporters and media outlets that have been following the protests closely.
Philadelphia Tribune @PhillyTrib
Billy Penn @billy_penn
Philly Weekly @phillyweekly
Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists @pabj
Ernest Owens (PhillyMag) @MrErnestOwens
Max M. Marin (WHYY’s Billy Penn) @MaxMMarin
Mensah M. Dean (Philadelphia Inquirer / Daily News) @MensahDean
Ryan W. Briggs (WHYY) @rw_briggs
Stephanie Farr (Philadelphia Inquirer) @FarFarrAway
William Bender (Philadelphia Inquirer / Daily News) @wbender99

Protesting 101

ACLU Guide to Protesters’ Rights
The First Amendment protects your right to assemble and express your views through protest. However, police and other government officials are allowed to place certain narrow restrictions on the exercise of speech rights. Make sure you’re prepared by brushing up on your rights before heading out into the streets.

Amnesty International Guide to Protest Safety
WHAT TO DO. WHAT NOT TO DO. WHAT TO WEAR. Plan ahead: For essential needs, care and supplies. Know what to expect.

Performative Allyship Is Deadly (Here’s What to Do Instead)
To understand performative allyship, let’s first look at what real allyship is.

Surveillance Self-Defense, a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Protecting your electronic devices and digital assets before, during, and after a protest is vital to keeping yourself and your information safe, as well as getting your message out.

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets 
This list is designed to celebrate all the ways that our communities can engage in liberation. For a range of reasons, there are and always have been folks who cannot attend rallies and protests but who continue to contribute to ending police and state violence against black people. People seek justice and support liberation in an array of ways, yet their bodies, their spirits, and their lives may not allow them to be in the streets.